Interesting Facts

Did you know?

The first recorded use of silver for medicinal purposes dates back to the Eighth Century.

In 980 AD, a Persian philosopher and experimenter by the name of Avicenna used silver fillings for a blood purifier, palpitations of the heart, and to cure offensive breath.  This was the first recorded use of Silver for medicinal purposes.

Silver has been used as money since 700 B.C.  In 1158, King Henry II coined the first silver currency in England.

In at least 14 languages, the words “Silver” and “Money” carry the same meaning of each other.

The expression “They were born with a silver spoon in their mouth” originates from when during the time of the plague.  Those who could afford to feed their children with silver utensils were believed to be protected from the silver properties and not get sick.  Usually the wealthy could afford this type of silverware and therefore hence this saying was born.

In ancient Egypt and Medieval Europe, silver was often more valuable than gold.

British Columbia encompasses a major portion of the northern Cordillera and has produced silver since the late 19th century. The province has a large number of undeveloped deposits and excellent opportunities for new discoveries.

About 1/3 of the silver produced worldwide is used in photography.

Silver was used in place of present day antibiotics prior to 1940.  Once antibiotics were developed, the use of silver disappeared.