Nano Silver

But what about Nano-Silver?

Consumers have mostly heard the term “nano-silver” over the last decade, thinking it is a new technology. However, this is not the case and nano-silver has been used in the form of colloidal silver for over 100 years and has been well known throughout the ages.

Nano-silver has been referred to as: colloidal silver, millimicron silver and nano-silver. Keep in mind here that the term “nano-silver” is new however the technology is not.

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has regulated nano-silver products for decades. It has been used in a wide array of products safely and successfully in drinking water filters and treating swimming pool systems.

The very first registered silver product was a registered as a biocidal material in the United States in 1954. Between 1970 and 1990, each EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) silver registration was either a colloidal nano-silver or nano-silver composite product. Over 50% of all EPA registered silver products are based on nano-scale silver.

On close inspection nano-silver materials have a long history of relatively safe and regulated use. Historical perspective also shows us that nano-silver has been intentionally manufactured and adopted commercially across a wide spectrum of everyday applications for decades.

There is currently an argument for the need of new testing and data on “nano-silver” when it essentially has always been around leading back to the time period of the last century.

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