Silver Basics

 A Beginner’s Guide to Silver

 So why all the interest in silver?

A common reason is one of health and that is where Colloidal Silver comes into play.  The interesting thing is that depending on where you research your information, you will find different schools of thought on the subject matter.  Therefore it is important that you perform your research using reputable resources.  Sites that have valid backed up data and proof of what they are claiming to be truth.

Following this above  rule of thumb will help bring you to awareness and to what’s best for your individual needs.

What is Silver?

Well, silver is silver however when it becomes different is in the “how” it is utilized.

This “Beginner’s Guide” is a crash course in the history or silver, it’s first recorded usage and some technical components of silver itself.  And in order to gain a full understanding of how silver can be utilized as a tool for health, we will go over some preliminary information or what we like to call “Silver Basics”.


Quick Facts About Silver