Mild Silver Protein

Mild Silver Protein

A mild silver protein consists of metallic silver particles and a protein binder. Most products of this type range from 30 to 20,000 ppm are silver protein colloids. Generally, some products will state they are a mild silver protein however not all do and are touted as colloidal silver.

Mild silver protein has very large silver particles. Because of their particle size, they are not able to remain suspended as colloidal particles without the addition of the protein. Adding protein helps to keep the large particles from settling.

Mild silver protein has the lowest particle surface area. When it is shaken, it will produce a foam above the liquid and will last for several minutes. The foam in an indicator of the presence of protein binder. Mild silver protein has concentration values varying from 30 to 20,000 ppm and contains the same mg of silver per liter of water. The colour typically is light amber and with increasing concentrations to almost black in colour.

Mild silver proteins have had occurrences of a side effect called Argyria.

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